Major Expansion of PTFE Production Facilities
Devon Production Facility

PTFE Success
The huge increase in demand for Clarons highly successful range of PTFE products has led to a major expansion of the production facilities at the specialist site in Paignton, Devon.

The purpose designed building has been commssioned to meet this increase in demand as well as to enhance existing production capabilities and the quality of service for which Claron are renowned.

The new building has also allowed a major re-structuring of the existing production areas for a more co-ordinated approach to the three key areas of production thereby improving output across all the product ranges.

This major expansion has also provided further facilities for the continued growth of the company into high technology fields.

High Technology
The purpose built structure provides the strictly controlled environment so fundamental for the production of high quality components by using the latest technology for heating, lighting and ventilation.

A very strict control of the working environment is necessary for the accurate manufacture of P.T.F.E. components. This requirement was provided for by the installation of 3 split-system Heat-Pump air conditioner units, together with ventilating and circulatory fans, and so provides the means of maintaining a specific temperature to very close tolerances throughout the summer and winter months.

The lighting system is based upon high level sodium units which react to the outside available light so taking account of environmental requirements and also maintaing good fixed level of interior light.

All production equipment is serviced with power and compressed air etc. through service channels to maximise the floor and air space.

The new factory building almost doubles the previously available production area and gives Claron the means for expansion into the new Millennium and beyond through the use of a first class facility specifically designed for the manufacture of quality products.

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