NEW Product Range - Claron Style CFS Flange seal to suit SAE J518 Flanges

SAE J518 Flange Seal

Specialised Flange Seal Outperforms O-Rings in SAE J518 Flanges.

Specialised seals to suit SAE J518 Flanges have now been introduced by Claron Hydraulic Seals Ltd.
Called style CFS, the seals are manufactured from a high performance grade of Polyurethane which has been developed specifically for arduous sealing applications. The material provides excellent resistance to gap extrusion and compression set over a wide temperature range of -40°C to +110°C at up to 400 Bar.

The SAE J518 standard was introduced by the American Society of Automotive Engineers to cover hydraulic flanged tube, pipe, and hose connections, including four-bolt split flange types used in the design and maintenance of self-propelled vehicles for use on land, sea, air or in space. The SAE J518 flanges, which have been designed to avoid the use of threaded connections, also have a wide range of general hydraulic applications and are being used on earth moving machines, and power steering systems manufactured around the world.

Unlike common O-Rings, Claron CFS style seals are specifically designed to fit the SAE J518 location groove. With their rectangular cross section and point contact sealing lips, they are formed and sized to accurately locate within the machined housing.
Their design provides superior performance to both O-Rings and rubber flange seals, while eliminating the 'pumping effect' which is common to close fitting O-Rings.

The seals are available in six standard SAE J518 sizes from 0.500" to 2.000", together with two metric sizes of 33.5x26.3 and 45x36.2

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Operating Conditions
Operating Conditions

Product and Housing Section
CFS Flange Seal Housing

Typical Flange
Typical Flange

Available Sizes
Claron Part No
SAE J518 Size
CFS 0500 0.500"
CFS 0750 0.750"
CFS 1000 1.000"
CFS 1250 1.250"
CFS 1500 1.500"
CFS 2000 2.000"
Claron Part No Metric Size
CFSM 0335-0263 33.5mm x 26.3mm
CFSM 0450-0362 45mm x 36.2mm

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